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11 months ago

How the Olympic Games began: a love of sport and competition inspired the ancient Greeks to create the greatest athletic contests ever.

Of all the athletic contests ancient Greece, none rivaled the Olympics. The Games, which honored Zeus, the king of all gods, served many purposes: religious, political, and athletic. The ancient Greeks even measured time in Olympiads, the four-year intervals between Games.

Pindar's Olympian Odes, written around 470 B.C., tell us the significance of these events: "Water is best, and gold, like a blazing fire in the night, stands out supreme of all lordly wealth. But if, my heart, you wish to sing of contests ... let us not proclaim any contest greater than Olympia."

No one knows exactly why the Games began, but the Greeks liked to turn almost everything into an agon, or contes

11 months ago

Tips For Preventing Sports Injuries

By: Janelle Farley

Preventing sports injuries is an integral component in sports medicine, which is probably more important than diagnosis and treatment of injuries. After all, sports is a highly competitive activity that could put a strain on one's body. Read on below for tips on how you can enhance your athletic performance without causing danger to your own body.

Danger of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can range from simple to severe cases. When you are engaged in sports, your body is exposed to various elements and contact that could put your own body at risk. This is why traine

11 months ago

Dental Care Tips To Inform Patrons About How To Keep A Healthy Smile

By: Alfred J. Jones

If you grind your teeth a great deal, or don't protect them from damage like certain sports, you will need to find a dentist in Chicago at some point. Occasionally teeth are cracked when people bite down too much on such things as popcorn kernels, but this type of event is not common. However, teeth that have root canals or fillings aren't as strong as normal teeth and can be more vulnerable to even these uncommon occurrences.

When you had Chicago cosmetic dentistry, and so you have a root canal or implant, then you definitely are well-advised to be more protective with y

11 months ago

LeAnn Rimes sports healthier bikini body as she takes to the beach in Hawaii

ByChris Johnson for MailOnline

Updated: 10:00 EST, 5 January 2012

Her worryingly skinny frame was a talking point of the summer.

But it appears country star LeAnn Rimes has put on a few pounds over a recent weeks and is now sporting a healthier-looking bikini body.

As the singer today embarked on her third holiday in as many weeks - this time in Hawaii - she was quick to slip into her favourite attire of a two-piece for a spot of sun worshipping on the beach.

11 months ago

2016 Will Be the Year That Sets the Stage for Virtual Reality

11 months ago

Vacation Plans :: Why 97% of internet marketers don't make money.

One of the members of IBOtoolbox recently put out a blog on the fact that a lot of people in network marketing, or internet marketing, are trying to cover all bases. It is a valid point and worthy of discussion. Covering all bases to me means trying to be the go to person for all of internet marketing by attempting to provide as many tools, services or opportunities as possible, so that everyone comes to them. I hate to disappoint those marketers with this strategy, but the truth is that it is a strategy that is not likely to work. Why, you might ask? First of all there are a variety of reasons why this strategy is not likely to work. The first thing is that internet marketing is a vast fiel

11 months ago

Best Foods to Improve Height

Even if you have a lot of other priorities for instance, sports, extracurricular activities, etc., still you need to complete a senior project to graduate successfully

It is nature that the body growth must follow the human growth hormone which takes place naturally inside the body. However, some medical methods are of great supports if necessary. Thus, such useful measures as foods, exercises and various medications can boost the human growth hormone supplements. Specifically, foods play a vital role in supplementing nutrit

11 months ago

Obama Vetoes Bill to Repeal Signature Health Care Law

Even if you have a lot of other priorities for instance, sports, extracurricular activities, etc., still you need to complete a senior project to graduate successfully

Protecting his signature domestic achievement, President Barack Obama on Friday vetoed Republican-inspired legislation to repeal his health care law, saying to do so "would reverse the significant progress we have made in improving best search sites health care in America."

Republican lawmakers have pushed many repeal measures since 2010, when Obama signed the health care program into law. This bill was the first one to make it through